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April, 2001


We are three students at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario.  Adam and Scott have been friends for five years, having met in residence and now sharing a house with six other friends.  The three of us met through the university's First Response Team, a student-run volunteer first aid service which works in conjunction with the University Police to provide emergency first aid and basic life support to the campus community.


While we all have different interests and goals, we all agree that supporting cancer research is a good cause, and have all had exposure to the effects of cancer in our families and friends.  For this trip, Nadia has been working hard in our fundraising efforts for the Cancer Society, Scott has been the resident Webmaster and designed this Website, while Adam has been taking care of the trip details.  To find out more about each of us, please click our pictures below.


Nadia Salvaterra

Scott Kubacki

Adam Bonnycastle





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