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Gear and Equipment

  Wow, that's far!Wow, that's far!Wow, that's far!Wow, that's far!


 Below is a list of the gear that we took and used for our trip, which we hope you find helpful if you are planning on taking up bicycle touring.  This gear was split over three bikes, so if you are cycling solo or with only one other person you may want to reduce some things.  Scott and Nadia rode with front and rear panniers, while Adam pulled a B.O.B Trailer behind his bike.


Gear Clothing
Bicycle   Cycling Jerseys / T-Shirts
Rear Panniers or Trailer   Shorts
Helmet   (Cycling) Shoes
Head & Tail Lights   Socks
Lock and Cable   Cycling Gloves
Cycling Computer   Rain Top
Water Bottles / Hydration Pack   Rain Bottoms
Tool & Repair Kit   Ankle Straps
Provincial Road Maps   Gore-Tex Socks
Provincial Tourism Guides   Fleece Top
Compass   Fleece Pants
Dry Bags   Long Underwear Top
Map Cases   Long Underwear Bottoms
Tent   Nylon Pants
Ground Sheet   Underwear
Tarp   Tevas
Sleeping Bag   Toque
Sleeping Pad   Gloves / Mitts
Stove   Bandanas
Fuel Bottles  
Pot Set    
Kitchen Utensils    
Water Purification Tablets    
Travel Mug    
Small Tupperware & Lid    
First Aid Kit    
Cell Phone    
Bear Bag & Rope    
Bug Repellant    
Flashlight & Batteries    
Camera & Film    



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