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Adam's Biography

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April, 2001

Hey there,

My name is Adam and two years ago, while leading a bike trip across Vermont, I decided that I wanted to ride my bicycle across Canada.

Over the past ten years I have spent much of my time working and playing in the outdoors.  This started part way through high school when I began taking wilderness tripping courses in the summer, and through the Gould Lake Outdoor and Environmental Centre I had the opportunity to canoe, hike, and sea kayak different areas of Ontario, New York State, and Labrador.

This April I completed a degree in Water Resources Engineering at the University of Guelph, and have been a member of the First Response Team for the past two years.

During the summers while at university, I have worked primarily in the outdoor education field, first as a canoe instructor at Camp Kandalore, then as an instructor at Gould Lake, before spending the past two summers at the Chingachgook Outdoor Education Center in New York State as an Outdoor Educator and Adventure Trip Leader.  For the time being, I plan on staying in the Outdoor Education field, before possibly going back to school and pursuing a career in Geographic Information Systems.

As a result of my time at Gould Lake, I've definitely been afflicted with the “Expedition Bug,” and have been eager to take part in another extended self-propelled trip.  I also decided a long time ago that while there are many places in the world that I would like to explore, the sheer vastness and diversity of Canada needs to be seen as much as possible, preferably first.  Consequently, this trip goes a long way to fulfilling that goal for myself.

I look forward to either seeing you again or meeting you for the first time while we make our way across the country.  Like Nadia, here's to sunshine and dry roads!

Happy Trails


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