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Shakedown Ride and North Vancouver


Date Destination Distance (km) Total (km)
Mon May 7 North Vancouver  0 0

The mail arrived, including our low-riders. All the last pieces are here. Spent the day tweaking our bikes and running errands with Mr. Peatfield. We had a lovely dinner with Dr. Sidney Effer and his wife Pat. Afterward we dealt with a few last minute details for tomorrows departure.  SK

Date Destination Distance (km) Total (km)
Sun May 6 North Vancouver 0 0
Date Destination Distance (km) Total (km)
Sat May 5 North Vancouver 0 0
Speaking of nervous energy in the air, just take a look at the pictures of the three of us in Pearson International!  What are we getting ourselves into?!  Everything went pretty smoothly at the airport, although the parents that saw us off were all looking a little nervous.  On the plane we ran into Jay Hahn, a friend of Adam and Scott's from Guelph, who was heading out to Vancouver for an interview.  Small world.  On our approach to Vancouver we got some pretty decent views of the mountains, and had to remind ourselves that the roads follow the valleys, not the peaks!  At the airport we met up with the Peatfields, loaded up our stuff into the cars, and headed off.  AB
Date Destination Distance (km) Total (km)
Fri May 4 Guelph / Oakville 0 0

We picked up the bikes from our local bike shop (Bits N Bikes, Guelph, ON), and are boxing them for the flight.  It was a good thing that the boxes weren't being taped until the next morning in Oakville, because we realized at the last minute that we forgot to take the air out of the tires for the plane.  If we hadn't there would be a good chance of blowing out all our tubes as the pressure in the cargo hold dropped!  While there is a bit of nervous energy in the air, it looks like things are going to work out.  With a bit of luck, tomorrow's log will be sent from North Vancouver.  SK and AB

Date Destination Distance (km) Total (km)
Thurs May 3 Guelph 0 0

Today we are running around trying to get all of the last minute things done.  Nothing terribly interesting other than the beautiful weather - it would be much nicer to be riding than packing.  SK

Date Destination Distance (km) Total (km)

Wed May 2

Scott and Adam's place in Guelph



We had a very nice night of camping.  Things are looking good for the ride, all of our equipment is worked out, it's mostly balanced on the bikes.  We need another trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op to get a few last things, but we're mostly ready.  Scott had a little trouble with the bladders in his hydration pack this morning, resulting in a very wet backpack and some frustration, oh well.  We took a longer route back, just to get in a few more kilometers.  We made it back to Guelph for lunch, and took the bikes in for a final tune-up, then we box for the flight.  We Had Bill's digital camera, so there are now a few pictures on the Gallery Page, unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the pictures from the road, but since Kodak was kind enough to donate film, there will be lots!  SK

Date Destination Distance (km) Total (km)

Tues May 1

Pinehurst Conservation Area



Well today we did our final shakedown ride.  The goal was to get the bikes fully packed, balance all of the weight, and make sure we haven't forgotten anything too important.  We found a few last bugs that we are getting out so that we are perfectly ready for the big ride.  We met a very nice gentleman who gave us directions and some helpful advice, thanks Rob.  The weather was beautiful and warm, hopefully we'll get lots of days like today.  We are all healthy, feeling good, and can't wait to get to Vancouver!  SK


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